Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is currently the most important platform that connects millions of people globally. The power of social media is especially important for businesses as it can be used to connect with potential consumers through increasing awareness of the business.

Social media marketing is currently the most important platform that connects millions of people globally. The power of social media is especially important for businesses as it can be used to connect with potential consumers through increasing awareness of the business.

Connecting with Customers

Through social media, engagements with customers through communication are enabled, and as the customers feel closer to the brand, there are increased chances of improving their attention to the brand and promoting sales.

Creating Awareness

Visibility is also increased when the business uses social media since people get to recognize the business from viewing it on social media and also sharing it with other users on different social media networks.


Cost - Effectiveness

Social media is remarkably cost-effective, considering that the creation of a social media account is mostly free apart from a few social networking accounts. The business, therefore, gets a free platform to advertise, and this means reduced advertising costs and better returns on investment. 

Customer Satisfaction

Social Media enables easier and faster communication between the business and the customer. This connection increases the satisfaction of the customer as it represents personal interaction in which the customer also feels important to the business and fulfills the connection..

Increased Brand Loyalty

Social media enables better brand loyalty as customers engage with representatives of the business through social networks to develop bonds and identity with the business. This identity encourages reliability in the business as well as recommendations to other audiences.

Communication of Authority

Presently, most consumers often google and look at social media networks to determine their engagement with an organization. The presence of a strong social media platform that provides a positive impression, therefore, communicates authority to potential consumers

Show of Authenticity

While finding products and services is an important social media activity, most consumers also find social media information interesting and entertaining. Authentic interaction between a business brand and consumers as well as persons who do not support the business is important in stating the brand voice.

Provision of support

Before social media, the help page and customer support were often identified as redundant. Currently, consumers can get immediate responses and help from the business because of the fast-paced nature of social media as well as the avoidance of bad publicity from failing to help consumers.

Increase in traffic

Social Media increases traffic through the website of a business since consumers and other members of the online platform find interest in watching and reading viral content shared over social media.

Marketplace awareness

Having a strong social media presence establishes a business at an elevated point in the marketplace. This means that not only does the business get recognized by consumers but also other influencers in the media marketplace that rank the business as significant.

Social media marketing is carried through the following platforms;

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook business page provides an avenue where images, videos, and links promoting your business can be posted. Besides, this media can be made interesting through the use of humor, educational content, and storyline tags to increase interest in the Facebook business page. Facebook also shares stories that have been sponsored, and this is an important way of promoting business through word of mouth. Businesses can also take advantage of Facebook advertising through the use of classic ads that provide links that take consumers to an outside website. The use of Facebook advertising is an important method to determine consumer demographics of a particular product or service.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is identified as the best social network for sharing photos. To advance with Instagram marketing, it is first important to switch to the business profile. The business account enables the creation and publication of Instagram advertisements. Instagram also has a range of tools that enable the view of statistics that show followership, engagement, ages, and locations. Through these statistics, businesses can engage in interaction and identify aspects such as the target audience and their interests. Businesses can also promote their products and services over Instagram through sponsored ads. The sponsored ads can reach a wide variety of Instagram users, and the target audience can easily follow the link to the website. Instagram also has a feature for stories which is an interesting way of promoting content. An Instagram story, in particular, appears in a small area above the newsfeed and does not interfere with the whole page of the viewer.

YouTube marketing

YouTube marketing is especially important because the YouTube demographic is large and diverse. YouTube marketing offers more of a content marketing opportunity as opposed to social media marketing. More importantly, content can easily be found on YouTube by searching for exact or related terms. In YouTube marketing, the emphasis is to lead viewers to your business site. Not only does YouTube encourage clicking links to the site, but the videos can also be shared on other social platforms that promote the business. Another important aspect of YouTube marketing is the creation of a YouTube business account which increases social media authority. In this account, a description of your organization, and a featured video that introduces your brand to your viewers are also necessary.

The use of search engine optimization (SEO) as a marketing strategy is effective since it enables high ranking among search engines such as Google which is extremely popular. Through SEO, most online users can click on the website as they trust their authority over sites that are recognized by many search engines. One of the important approaches in building an effective SEO campaign is establishing the right keywords, having consistent content creation, and monitoring traffic. Through monitoring, the appeal to the audience can be identified, and changes also made to guarantee the success from the marketing strategy

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is particularly focused on professional networking and the building of careers. LinkedIn offers both a personal page and a business page that can be suited to the requirements of the user. The LinkedIn profile enables the provision of background information, which is an important form of advertisement for personal or business competencies. LinkedIn also has a Profinder badge that is vital in matching professionals and providing work. Within the profile, links can be added about personal businesses, and other LinkedIn users can share the link for increased networking.

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