What is Push-to-Talk Services

Push-to-talk service (PTT service) stands as a software solution facilitating communication among individuals utilizing devices equipped for push-to-talk functionality. Users of PTT services, depending on their chosen platform, can engage in conversations across varying distances with numerous individuals and Voice AI Bots.

Within this guide, we’ve curated comprehensive insights into push-to-talk services. Upon completion of this article, you will grasp the intricacies of PTT services, comprehend the limitations of traditional radios in meeting contemporary communication demands, and gain the expertise to select the most suitable option for your business or organization.


Centralized Command and Control Hub for Operational Efficiency

Harness the power of ReachereTeam’s intuitive dashboard, serving as your command and control center. Gain a comprehensive overview of your devices and the location of your field force, empowering administrators and managers to access PTT functionality seamlessly from their dashboard.

Desktop Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Eliminate the need for switching between your desktop and smartphone for immediate communication. With ReachereTeam Desktop PTT, administrators and managers can seamlessly access PTT functionality directly from their dashboard.

Mac OS Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Streamline your communication experience on Mac OS with ReachereTeam PTT. Our Team’s MAC OS PTT provides an ephemeral Push Notification service token, enabling the system to awaken your app in the background to manage incoming audio during an ongoing session

Push-To-Talk (PTT) for Android

Streamline your communication experience with ReachereTeam Android PTT. No more toggling between your Android Devices. With this feature, administrators and managers can effortlessly access push-to-talk functionality right from their dashboard interface.

Push-To-Talk (PTT) for IOS

ReachereTeam’s IOS PTT supplies an ephemeral Apple Push Notification service token so the system can wake your app in the background to handle incoming audio while a session is ongoing.It gives your apps the ability to provide user interface controls that allow your users to transmit audio from anywhere.

Limitless Channels

Utilize ReachereTeam’s Channel Management feature to generate an unlimited number of channels, fostering seamless collaboration within your team. Channels serve as essential tools for team connectivity, communication, and collaboration.

Emergency Alerts through SOS Channel

In moments of crisis, communicate vital information swiftly using ReachereTeam’s SOS Channels. Initiate a 10-second PTT call, followed by the employee’s current location pin, ensuring rapid response and assistance.

Addressing Network Outages

Despite their widespread use and diverse hardware options, two-way radios possess several inherent limitations that render them impractical for modern organizations.

Here are some key reasons why radios often fall short for frontline teams:

  • Limited RF capacity and range.
  • Inherent lack of security.
  • Difficulty in sending pictures and text.
  • Incompatibility with other essential systems.
  • Inability to provide user mapping without additional specialized equipment.

For a comprehensive understanding of the drawbacks associated with radios, consider exploring our complimentary e-book, “12 Reasons Radios Are Holding Your Company Back.”

Why are enterprise organizations increasingly moving away from radio solutions? The answer lies in the complexity of setting up a complete communications network across the entire worksite. With the widespread availability of the Internet, organizations are prioritizing network connectivity solutions first, subsequently adopting push-to-talk services.

Understanding Carrier Push-to-Talk (PTT)

While push-to-talk services offer greater flexibility and versatility compared to radios, it’s essential to be cautious of one remaining legacy aspect: carrier push-to-talk, also known as carrier PTT.

Carrier PTT is a basic push-to-talk service integrated into a mobile network service plan. Carriers often entice customers by offering their PTT service as a complimentary addition to paid network connectivity plans. However, customers frequently encounter disappointment when they realize that carrier PTT service fails to meet their expectations.

Due to its legacy architecture, carrier PTT comes with inherent limitations that often fall short of today’s demanding communication needs. Although you can install the carrier’s PTT app on a compatible smartphone like any other PTT app, the resemblance to modern solutions ends there. Let’s delve into why carrier push-to-talk services are insufficient for contemporary requirements.

Why Carrier PTT Falls Short Today

There are four primary reasons why carrier push-to-talk fails to meet the needs of today’s enterprise companies and government organizations:

  • Limited network coverage: Carrier PTT service operates only within areas covered by your specific carrier’s network.
  • Restricted device compatibility: Not all smartphones support the carrier’s PTT service, including some models produced by the carrier itself.
  • Location sharing limitations: Some carrier PTT services lack robust features for easy location sharing among team members.
  • Collaboration constraints: Traditional carrier PTT services do not facilitate communication with users on different carriers, such as partner companies or agencies.

These concerns are frequently voiced by carrier PTT users in reviews and customer forums dedicated to carrier services.

Given the limitations of radios and the inadequacy of carrier PTT, what alternative options are available? Let’s delve into the key features you should seek in your push-to-talk service.

Enhanced Push-to-Talk via Over-the-Top Services

Top-tier push-to-talk services operate independently of network and carrier constraints, ensuring optimal flexibility for your teams to concentrate on their tasks without being hindered by communication limitations.

Understanding OTT

Over-the-top (OTT) push-to-talk services are solutions that offer PTT functionality irrespective of network connectivity. This encompasses cellular networks, Wi-Fi, private networks, and even satellite connections.

In conclusion, let’s delve into the criteria for selecting the most suitable push-to-talk service.

What Sets Reachere Apart

Beyond meeting the fundamental requirements of a standard push-to-talk service and delivering the essential 80 functions expected from a superior collaboration solution, Reachere’s PTT 2.0 platform distinguishes itself from other PTT solutions with four key functional aspects, propelling frontline communications into the future:

  • Voice AI Bots
  • Seamless Integrations with Third-Party Services
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Secure Cloud Deployment

No other push-to-talk service offers such comprehensive capabilities and more. To delve into each aspect in detail and comprehend the return on investment (ROI) of PTT 2.0, access our complimentary e-book.

Elevate your push-to-talk communications and foster connectivity among your workforce with Reachere’s PTT 2.0. For further details, download the PTT 2.0 E-book or watch the demo video now.

Why Reachere PTT 2.0 Excels as the Premier Push-to-Talk Service

Reachere Push-to-Talk 2.0 stands out as a cloud-based platform service, revolutionizing push-to-talk communications and surpassing existing PTT solutions by a significant margin. Serving as a Unified Communications solution, it fosters connectivity among frontline workforce, leading to remarkable enhancements in productivity, safety, and customer engagement.

Discover the substantial cost savings achieved by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority through the implementation of Reachere PTT 2.0 in our complimentary case study.

How to Select Your Push-to-Talk Service

When choosing a push-to-talk service provider, several crucial factors should be considered. Here are some key aspects that a PTT service should offer, distinguishing it from radios, carrier PTT services, or basic push-to-talk apps:

  • Unlimited Range: Can the service function seamlessly across LTE networks nationwide or globally?
  • Security and Message Privacy: Are your communications safeguarded from third-party viewing, including the service provider?
  • Multimedia Messaging: Does the push-to-talk service facilitate effortless sharing of videos, photos, files, and other multimedia content?
  • Broad Device Compatibility: Can the push-to-talk service be utilized with a wide range of devices preferred by your team, rather than being restricted to specific options provided by the service provider?

For a comprehensive overview of over 80 functions that your PTT service should deliver, along with 30 RFP questions ready to be used directly in communication with vendors, access our free Collaboration Solution Buyer’s Guide. It encompasses all essential aspects to consider when evaluating the best push-to-talk services.

Furthermore, we not only possess extensive knowledge of push-to-talk technology but have leveraged our expertise to develop the industry-leading push-to-talk service: the Reachere Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0 platform.

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