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Custom Theme Implementation

The most cardinal part of constructing an e-commerce site is to implement the custom and your preferred theme. While implementing this tool it’s essential to ensure that the theme should reach the targeted audience for your products that are displayed


SEO Friendly

Product Review and Ratings

The customers/readers will search in deep about the product and they read reviews and ratings to settle whether they should buy. Detailed results have portrayed that product reviews and ratings can increase in e-commerce transformation.

Livechat Integration

Livechat is an ideal and best customer service application that features live chatting solutions for businesses. The frequently asked questions (FAQ) are an example of live chat integration. Through integrating live chat directly with the customers if any issues or problems will be instantly solved through the help of this medium.


Coupon Code System

Coupon code which is promotional code logarithmic strings that online business platforms provide to boost purchases on your website. Through this coupon code system, they make the consumer an incentive to buy which is a gain both for the business and its consumers.

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In today’s technology driven era a responsive website or responsive e-commerce sites should respond according to the visitor’s environment and accessibility as they may use a laptop or desktop or tab or smartphone or whatsoever gadgets, but your site should respond accordingly as user friendly

A payment gateway is a commerce or merchant service provider by an e-commerce application service provider which sanctions direct payment handling for e-commerce, online merchants (retailers)… The payment gateway can be issued by the bank to its customers but it will be issued by an experienced financial service provider as an individual service like a payment service provider.

A newsletter subscription form is a group of areas viewers fill in to subscribe to collect the newsletter from s website or content which impresses them. These subscription forms provide an easy and practical way to improve your mailing list.

On-page checkout consists of all components of a caliber checkout process on a single page, which includes payment details, cart details, billing and shipping address information, and shipping methods. Generally, a one-page checkout permits customers or users to fill in the information in any order as every form sits on one page

A content management system is computing software that helps to manage the formation and alterations of digital content. The CMS is generally used for enterprise content management (ECM) and website content management (WCM). A vital feature of CMS is it has SEO-friendly URLs.

Social media integration is a marketing tool or technique which permits you to consume social channels as an addition to your prevailing marketing tactics and branding. This helps you to motivate brand awareness and expands the visibility of your marketing campaigns by generating chances on diverse social media platforms for your consumers to link or share content between your social media and websites

As humans are smarter than computers they are the ones who introduced the computer, so only a human can solve complicated form security questions. To avoid malicious activities these security Captcha were implemented. So Captcha developed an anti-spam tool that you could add your forms to ask complicated questions

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